Faith and Fantasy

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and here I am posting a somewhat controversial post. Ha! Enjoy. ;)

For decades, probably since the release of J.R.R. Tolkien’s ground-breaking and controversial Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the fantasy genre has received a hailstorm of criticism from the veterans of the Church, those so stuck in their ways that when Christian fantasy comes along, they don’t view the faith part of it, they only see what they want to see, the “demonic” fantastical elements.

In the past few years, more and more Christians have come to realize that faith and fantasy can, in fact, mix. In fact, they go extremely well together!
The problem with many Christians is that they stick to one side of an extreme. Now, holding the view that faith and fantasy don’t mix is not going to affect one’s eternity, but it does prevent one from being open to seeing the awe and wonderment of fantasy realms, which often superbly depict the Creator’s masterful artwork.
I am an avid supporter of “Faith + Fantasy”, which you might’ve known from the many fantasy novels I’ve written/started. I believe that they do mix, but I also believe that the fantasy genre is extraordinary on its own.
Some of you might wonder what my views are on things like dragons and magic. Well, I’ll tell you.

I actually think that it’s possible that dragons existed. I think they walked (or flew) the earth during the Age of Dinosaurs. The Bible even mentions dragons when referring to the “Leviathan” (Check out the book of Job). This leads me to believe that, if God created dragons, then they are not inherently evil. They are no more evil than a lion, goat, or snake (all creatures used to depict or describe the devil at some point or another in the Bible).

I think whether a dragon is good or evil is entirely up to the author and how he/she chooses to utilize them. For me, dragons are some of the most incredible, amazing, extraordinary, graceful creatures, despite the fact that I’ve used them as both good and evil creatures.


Magic, however, is a much trickier subject. In order to share my views on this, we must first differentiate between the term “magick” and “magic”. You might think that these are the same words just different spellings. But they’re not.

Magick – A power or effort associated with wicca.

Wicca – a nature-oriented religion having rituals and practices derived from pre-Christian religious beliefs and typically incorporating modern witchcraft of a benevolent kind.

Magic – In fantasy, magic is not depicted as a form of witchcraft, but rather supernatural gifts and abilities gifted to man by some form of a deity.(Eru Ilúvatar in The Lord of the Rings).

Based upon these varying definitions, we can see very clearly that Magick is witchcraft and that Magic is a supernatural, beyond-human set of abilities gifted to man by God or gods.

Dragons and magic are the two hot topics that have caused such controversy swirling about faith and fantasy. I believe, that if a writer handles each topic with sincerity and maturity, they can successfully portray an extraordinary work of faith and/or fantasy.

Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. :)

Introducing: “Running With Wolves”

So, I actually started this story a while ago. But WordPress has been acting weird and won’t let me post anything… (In fact, I was going to post about Maleficent the movie, but WordPress wouldn’t let me and I didn’t have the patience to rewrite the entire post.) Anyway…

I’ve been working on Running With Wolves for a while. This story… gah. It’s caused me such emotional turmoil. It’s disrupted my daily life. I spend the majority of my waking hours thinking about what I can do to better the story. And when I write, RWW is what I’m working on.

You probably want a synopsis, eh? Well, first you must be warned. Running With Wolves is a tragedy. It’s a love story. It’s a story about the beauty of love and forgiveness. Oh, and wolves, too. No, it’s not paranormal. No, it’s not fantasy. Running With Wolves is completely outside of anything I’ve previously written. For this story I’ve had to step completely outside of that dreaded box called Comfort Zone. 


Here’s the synopsis: 

My tears are all the words I never said.

Ashley Winters never could’ve imagined a life without her father. But now she’s forced to live it.

After her father’s death, Ashley’s mom sends her and her little brother, Benji, to live with their grandparents in Alaska. One problem: Ashley doesn’t want to go.

Forced to leave her mother and her friends behind for the summer, Ashley must discover what it means to forgive herself and others. She’ll soon discover that the healing she so desperately longs for can be found in unexpected places. And maybe the mysterious boy named Little Wolf can help.

Yes, I realize the synopsis is poorly written. It’ll take some time to write a better one. :P Here’s a couple quotes to stave off your hunger,



You can read the first few chapters of Running With Wolves on Wattpad if you like. (Warning: contains mild thematic content and some language)

I’ve got fans!

The other day, something pretty awesome happened to me… I received my first piece of fan-art for The Starcrafters’ Saga! It was an awesome moment, looking at a picture someone else had drawn of my characters simply because they loved my book.

And then it dawned on me: I actually have fans. It was an amazing moment, to say the least, when I realized this.

Anyway, I want to share with you guys my first piece of fan-art by awesome fan Connie J.!


“Paradox” on Kindle!

It’s that moment many of you have been waiting for: the revealing of the release date of Paradox as an eBook through Amazon’s Kindle service. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here!



Want to read the story that has readers calling it “Fantastic”, “Meaningful”, “Entertaining”? Now you can on your iPad, Kindle, or smartphone for just $3.99! :D And if you already bought the paperback through Amazon, but would like a digital copy as well, you can purchase the DISCOUNTED eBook for just $1.99!

So be sure to mark the date on your calenders!

Fighting In Silence

I think that the greatest struggle a warrior (of the spiritual realm) will face is to fight the good fight in silence. Yes, I said silence.

When it comes to spiritual warfare I am one of those knights standing on the front-lines itching to spill some “blood”, to attack my enemies and seek vengeance, but am held back by my commanding officer. I’m sure this is a struggle many in the Kingdom of God face.

As a pastor’s kids, my siblings and I (and other PK’s alike) have to struggle with things that regular church members don’t. We are on the front-lines of the army, our parents/pastors leading the charge. For me it is a constant struggle to see my parents under such spiritual attack and remain silent about it. I long to retaliate, but know I can’t because to retaliate is to give the enemy a reason to attack.

PK’s look on as their parents deal with rebellious church members, they struggle when their parents struggle, and they get angry (sometimes angrier) when their parents are attacked.

Their is nothing worse than being suited up for battle, yet being forced to hold back. We itch to draw our swords and shed some “blood”, but we know we cannot.


We feel we cannot stand by while our parents and churches gets lambasted by the rebellious. We get defensive of our families and long to do something – anything – that could make the Enemy squirm. But we remain silent because it’s what the Bible says and our parents/pastors want.

Consequently, we are in danger of being affected by attitudes of anger. We grow mad, stern, stiff, when we allow our discontent to “do nothing” get the better of us.

Fighting in silence is something every member of the spiritual kingdom must learn. Fighting in silence does not always mean doing nothing, it just means fighting without giving the Enemy the ammunition they need.

I’m sure you’ve seen the quote “Fight all your battles on your knees”. Well, that’s how anyone who desires to be a member of the God’s Kingdom, His Army must fight.

The Word is our Sword and our prayers are arrows. We may fight in silence, but we still fight.